Selling Tips

First of all, here’s what you don’t want your house to look like to a buyer. It might not look cluttered to you, but buyers need to feel that you actually can get all your stuff out of the house when it comes time for them to move in. Here are just a few things to get you started on the sales & moving process:

  • Pack away the breakables that are out and accessible in your home
  • Remove personal photographs, etc. from shelves and walls (within reason)
  • Go ahead and mark some boxes as “moving” and put them in the garage so buyers can see you’ve already started the moving process
  • Remove the screens off the windows on the front of the house
  • Take care of the grass and shrubbery way ahead of listing, so that it’s in top shape at showing time
  • Have me visit your home and put together a complete punch list of things to do
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