This was written by Kristin Morrissey.

Redistricting Update
This is a brief newsletter to give an update on the redistricting process. As parents and school representatives we understand this is a difficult process – redistricting is never easy. Over the years, many of us have felt the impact of being moved from one school to another to help alleviate crowding as our county continues to grow. The school system is working hard to listen and produce district lines that are the best possible solution for Forsyth County students. 


The initial draft of the new lines was created by the staff Redistricting Committee, not by members of the Board of Education. The community has since reached out with comments on the draft both pro and con. As a system, we acknowledge and appreciate this passion from the community as that support over the years has helped to make our schools the success they are today.
Like the community, BOE members have asked questions and given feedback to the Redistricting Committee.  Staff will present the next draft to the BOE with any potential changes at our board meeting on Oct. 10th.

Some background

Parameters the Redistricting Committee followed to create the first draft:
  1. Populate Denmark High (capacity of 2500). The goal is to start with 1700-1800 students with the understanding the actual number will be closer to 1300-1400 with seniors and some other students staying back.  The target number is important to ensure equitable level of opportunities for students at DHS to what is available at the existing high schools.
  2. Keep Feeder Patterns consistent whenever possible.*
  3. Prepare for the opening of the future East High ideally in 4-5 years
  4. Future enrollment and projections
  5. Data driven Study Areas
  6. Consideration of Congestion/High Growth areas 
The Redistricting Committee consists of:
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Transportation Dept. Representative
  • GIS Dept. Representative
  • Facilities Dept. Representative
  • Communications Dept. Representative
  • Principals as appropriate

What comes next?

Per Dr. Bearden, this is a fluid process, everything is still on the table.  That is by design, as the process takes place over months to allow input throughout the process as potential changes are made.

The draft of the new proposed lines was released on 9/12.

The two week public input period for the survey has now ended and staff and the BOE are reviewing the thousands of comments that were received via the survey. 
The Redistricting Committee are meeting this week to discuss the concerns and potentially make changes to the draft based on that feedback.
  • Oct 10 – Staff presents the draft to the BOE with any possible revisions.

  • Oct 17 – After reviewing the current draft the BOE will approve the draft with or without any additional modifications. That draft will be used for the next round of feedback in preparation of the final draft.

  • Oct 23 – Public Forum for Elementary lines ONLY at North Forsyth High 6 pm

  • Oct 24 – Public Forum for High School lines ONLY at West Forsyth 6 pm 

  • Nov 2 – Called BOE worksession to review public input comments

  • Nov 7  – Staff presents final draft to BOE based on all of the above

  • Nov 14 – BOE approves new district lines

  • Dec 1 – Jan 19th  Out of District forms available*


 * OOD requests are processed asap.  Expect to hear back within a few weeks of the deadline.

More information

To keep up to date and see information and FAQs on the redistricting process see the school website at The FAQs document lists several items. Examples: Proposed student exceptions to stay back such as (but not limited to) seniors and their siblings, students who have completed the 2nd year of “unique” pathway students, orchestra at LHS (not band), etc. Please see the FAQs for the complete explanation of the proposed exceptions. Like the maps, everything is still in discussion. Feedback is welcomed.
Denmark High Information: To see the latest information on Denmark High including Career Pathways, course offerings, FAQs, etc. see
Alliance Academy for Innovation: Applications are now being accepting for rising 9th and 10th graders!  See to learn about this new state of the art career academy school open to Forsyth County students.

Clarification: While teachers and staff can select the schools their children attend (a policy based on state law), BOE members are not treated the same as employees and therefore do not have that same option of school choice.

Wrap up

In summary, we appreciate all the time and effort the community has put into providing information on the impact of the proposed changes to your local community. We encourage everyone to continue to follow and participate in the process.  The upcoming public forums are an important opportunity to provide additional feedback.
This has been a lot of work for everyone and please be aware we are all feeling the pressure and stress as we work through the redistricting process.

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Disclaimer: This email was written and created by Chair Kristin Morrissey – District 2 Forsyth County Board of Education.   Every effort has been made to keep all information accurate. If any errors are discovered, please notify me ASAP at