I just read an article from the National Association of REALTORS┬« that really took me by surprise. Eighty-one percent of people surveyed said that some kind of pet-related consideration went into their buying decision. I ask my clients all the time about their pets, what kind,how many, etc. because sometimes there are neighborhood restrictions or a particular home might not fit their needs exactly. The biggest issue is big dogs and wood floors. I always make sure they understand that if the nails aren’t clipped, they can do irreparable damage to the floors.

The really funny thing to me was that twelve percent of homeowners had been influenced to move because of a pet situation. I love my dog, but I’m not so sure I’d move just to accommodate him.

If you’re selling a home and have pets, I always try to get my clients to train their animals to be crated in the garage, so that if they have to be in the home during showings, it’s not a distraction to buyers and their agents.

Of the people surveyed, fifty-two percent said that they had done some kind of animal-related renovation to their home, such as fencing, pet doors, special pet areas or flooring that accommodated their animal.