Can you tell me the difference between these two grounded receptacles? I’ll give you the answer at the end.

In new homes, there are a few things that are different (or should be) in the electrical systems from older constructed homes. First, ask your builder to install some USB-equipped outlets in key places where you’ll need to charge electronics. Night stands, bathroom counters, kitchen counter (and islands) and possibly by your favorite couch or easy chair are all locations that could use a charging port. Second, ask for an outlet inside your cabinetry. You might want to hide a radio in there or use it to power under-cabinet lighting to make for a clean look. Third, when your builder puts a light in the middle of a room, make sure that light junction box is attached to a cross member so that you’ll have the bracing necessary in case you ever want to install a ceiling fan. Fourth, (and the answer to my puzzle), make sure that any directly-wired (unswitched) outlets are installed with the ground plug pointing down, so it looks like a right-side up face. Any outlet where you’ll put a lamp that might be controlled by a switch, make sure those receptacles are upside down with the ground plug pointing upwards. If you want, you can actually wire one of the two outlets in a receptacle to be switched and the other one unswitched as well.